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Hot and Happening : Shopping Guide 2023

Ever wondered how trends are formed? And how you can shop for the perfect trends? Here's your Fashion Bible for 2023.

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As fashion lovers, we explored too many brands, too many trends, and way too many clothes to write this article for you. Understanding trends and using them to shop for our wardrobe is tricky, and we want to ensure we're with you on this path. Our in-house fashion experts (and when we say experts, we mean people who breathe fashion day in and day out) have curated this guide to help you shop for 2023. We use WGSN as our most reliable source, and reading and analyzing all their reports with a keen eye for fashion and trends is how we write the articles. And now that we have blown our trumpets enough let's start with the content you're here to read! (apologies for our introduction


First, to make it easier for you to understand, let's divide the article into four subtopics - Mood, Silhouettes, Colors, and Prints. Let's deep dive into each to better understand what's trending and what you can buy for 2023.


Mood -

With the recession right around the corner and increasing living costs (be it New York or Gurgaon, rent has shot up more times than we can keep up), people's perceptions of fashion have changed. Interestingly, post-pandemic times saw a resurgence of fantasy fashion. Fashion became a way of escapism for everyone, something that can make them feel relaxed, happy, and quite honestly like a pampered kid. History repeatedly tells us that when economic and political stability is lost, especially after high-impact events like COVID/lockdowns, two ideologies tend to surface. One group of people would be the ones who look at fashion to escape, who want to treat themselves, and one group of people who would anticipate the repercussions of the upcoming recession and would look at fashion more in a functional, utilitarian way. These two ideologies give birth to two key moods for 2023 - 'Digital Nostalgia'; for those who don't want to stop, the desire for speed and adrenaline is stronger than ever and for those who seek inspiration from the new digital age. And Mystic Retreat; for the ones who want to slow down, explore ways of dealing with stress, and perhaps even move towards spirituality (yes, those hot yoga pants).

         But what does that mean for you and us? For that, we come to the following three parts of the article - Silhouettes, Colors, and prints.


For 'Digital Nostalgia', pick up any T-shirt with spikey graphics, unusual colors, funky accessories, and bold prints. One of the biggest trends (in continuation with 2022) of 2023 will be the 'low rise Baggy Jeans.' Remember those jeans which are now very loose and you can't wear them anymore? Or those old pair of jeans from your dad/mom's closet? They're in trend now! Take them out, wear them with a belt or tie them up with a rope; it doesn't matter. Just wear them! It's in and kickass trending. Style the basic tank top with retro denim or a leather jacket. We have picked out just the right styles for you. Trendy, Hot, and affordable from brands you love!


Apart from these, Leather will be trending all year round. Be it leather pants, leather tops, or leather jackets, whatever you have, flaunt them to the fullest this season. Pair it with hoodies with bold graphics, chunky chains, or digital print T-shirts with eccentric colors. Explore new silhouettes in denim. From corsets to mini A-line skirts, denim is making a comeback, and we are here for it! Style these with black baggy jeans or an oversized jacket to bring out that pop/rock look. Or with a colorful bodycon knitted top and a blazer for a cleaner look.


Digital Lavender and viva magenta are the colors of the year 2023, so purple will be big. We have also seen an increase in blacks and whites. Style these 2 colors with bright colors like purple or red, and voila, all eyes will be on you. The 'Digital Nostalgia' trend is about playing with your clothes, experimenting with yourself, and having fun. We have curated some more recommendations (and their links) just for you.


Now moving on to the Mystical Retreat, explore classics. Pair basic pieces of clothing like your dresses with muted colors. A chic slip dress will make you the highlight of the party, trust us, it's going to be a BIGGG trend! During the lockdown, we became used to wearing comfortable clothing at our homes, and even outside, comfortable and athletic clothing became the new normal, and as we can see, it still remains (and is here to stay). Despite the zeal to dress up, smart co-ord sets and joggers will be big this year. Dress smart by pairing these with blazer coats or padded jackets. Keep in mind the utility trend, your bomber jackets and safari jackets (trending in 2022) will remain, but more functional and simpler looks will be prominent. For colors and prints, we suggest sticking to outdoor prints like bird motifs and scenic prints. Floral prints may not be very trendy for 2023, so staying away from them might be the smarter bet (but if that's your thing, don't shy away).


For a date night or party, camisoles and off-shoulder blouses would be our safest options, and we recommend making them your staples for these occasions. Here are some more recommendations and links we have curated for you. 


We gave you a bucket load of information right now that you can use for shopping throughout 2023. Now that you trust that we know fashion, there's something else we want you to know. YOU CAN TAKE US SHOPPING WITH YOU! Let us be your personal stylist, that too on your phone and for free! Just use our 'Click and Match' feature to see what would be perfect for you and shop without any concerns. Click to join Hopnob today!


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