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Tech-ceptance : AI vs Human Styling

AI styling, sounds revolutionary, right? Find out what it exactly is and how it differs from a Human Stylist. 

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Artificial intelligence is changing how humans live, and how they style themselves is no different. Fashion is a multi-billion dollar industry, and AI has already entered and will revolutionize the fashion world to the point where there is no turning back. But in a world full of people who know a lot about fashion, why is an AI stylist better than a human one? This blog will look at the benefits of using an AI stylist over a human stylist.

AI Stylist is a new concept introduced in India. Do you know how an AI Stylist works? At first glance, the service works like magic: You upload a photo to it, and it spits out a few fashion suggestions. But, of course, it's not magic! Instead, it's applying machine learning techniques to millions of other photos and using the collected data to make recommendations. It can put together outfits that work seamlessly with your current wardrobe. The AI-powered stylist understands your preferences and recommends outfits accordingly.

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The Personal Touch of a human stylist

The human stylist has no doubt the sense of personalized experience more than the AI Stylist. They are there to listen to their clients about their likes, dislikes, and every other detail to bring out the best options for the individual client. A human can style, recommend and review a client's style, but in their ultra-busy lifestyle, the human stylist can be a limitation. But an AI stylist can do all those imaginable things which are not physically doable by a human stylist. Let's find out in detail:

Pros of an AI-based Stylist:

An AI Stylist is available for all - for YOU!


First things first, the human stylist is not available to everyone. Even if the masses want, they can only have the luxury of a stylist available for them sometimes, suggesting personalized looks out of their wardrobe. It's mostly the privilege of the high-section of society. But with the advent of AI-based stylists, fashion styling has been democratized and digitized for all, for YOU!

Anytime, anywhere Access

Even if one has a personal human stylist, they won't be able to help and recommend at the time of the user's convenience. Simply put, a human stylist is available only at certain hours of the day. However, an AI stylist can be available 24/7 and never gets tired. This means it doesn't matter what time or day of the week; the customer can have a style partner available at all times.

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Unlimited Options 

The AI stylist can also style an unlimited number of outfits, whereas its human counterpart can only style a few of the consumer's outfits. Of course, the human stylist can be more creative than the AI, but ultimately the amount of recommendations they can suggest is limited. While the AI can handle even the most enormous possible wardrobe, i.e., there is no limitation to the amount of data it can process.

Convenience - at the tip of your fingers!

With everything digitized, you can access all the services related to your wardrobes and outfits at your fingertips. The ease of use is optimum with the AI stylist, plus the AI can be bothered as often as the user wants (thanks to its lack of emotional sensitivity)! It is bound to listen and respond to queries as often as required.

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The AI Stylist's benefits far exceed its human counterpart's limitations. Thus, it is a safe bet to say that AI will significantly influence the fashion industry's future! The best part? You can now try it! We have made AI styling possible for the first time in India with our HOPNOB whatsapp bot and you can use it for FREE! Just click to join and send us a Hi and you’ll have a 24*7 stylist at your fingertips.


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