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Picture this: You've just come out of the shower, running late for work, planning to wear the first thing you see in your wardrobe, and head to work. So you open your closet and see a wardrobe FILLED with clothes but nothing to wear! The red top? Not appropriate for work. The green pants? Won't go well with the scarf…. You think, "If only I had a black blazer right now!" 


Is the above scenario too relatable to you? Don't worry; most people in this world would relate to this. Not just on some days, but most days! In fact, according to a study, we spend, on average, some 18 minutes every day thinking about "what do I wear today?" Shocking, right? We know. Let's see why this happens and how to tackle this challenge.

Hopnob solves wardrobe issues. Get a sorted and easy clothing and styling experience evreyday
Confused what to wear? Hopnob can help. Hopnob solves wardrobe issues. Get a sorted and easy clothing and styling experience evreyday.

Every time you feel overwhelmed with the question, "what do I wear today?" you blame it on the lack of variety in your wardrobe. You think that additional garments will save you from the trouble of overthinking. But it still doesn't help! Why? Well, the solution is more complex. We need to understand how styling works on a personal level, why some pieces of clothing look good on some but completely hideous on others (Trigger warning: we're not judging, just facts), and how to organize the wardrobe as per your personal needs. Let's divide this into steps and make it easier to follow. Think of it more as a fashion/style guide, something you can always remember and never feel lost again. 


The first step is a deeper look into your own self (yes, it's time we understand ourselves better) and your general preferences in styling. This is going to help you understand what your 'style' is. As an example, say you love listening to Kanye West and absolutely love how he dresses, so much so that you try looking for clothes that can make you look like him, or, let's say you love Taylor Swift (or maybe just the fact that she reminds you of that someone special? :p) and want to dress up like her. That is your fashion personality, A.K.A your preference in fashion/style. Once you identify your style, things become more manageable. It would help if you always focused on your style while you shop. Think about your personality and what it is you want to express and then buy clothes. Shop with purpose and not trend. But what about those trendy things my friends wear? Why should I not go for the same things? We know you want to stay trendy, and yes, you should. But it would be best if you also considered your style and matched it with the trends. You don't need to pick up on every trend that passes by, only the ones that can easily be incorporated into your style. Only choose trends that suit your style, not that influencer's, not your friend's, but YOUR style.

So many clothes in your wardrobe. Confused what to wear? Hopnob can help. Hopnob solves wardrobe issues. Get a sorted and easy clothing and styling experience evreyday.

Okay now that you know what Your Style is, let's look into the next problem. Do you sometimes go shopping and see a tremendous sparkly top that catches your eye and get it instantly (because why not? #YOLO, right?) Well, you shouldn't. Impulse purchasing won't get you closer to your dream - a headache-free wardrobe and no dress stress! Be mindful. Ask three questions before making that purchase. 

1) Why do you like that top 

2) Where can you wear it and 

3) Can you pair it with any 3 of the garments you already own?

If you can answer these three questions, go for it. If you can't, you're only adding another piece to your existing wardrobe mess. 


Another point to consider while building your ideal wardrobe is your body type. It is essential and should play a crucial role in building your dream wardrobe. We have written an article focused entirely on this because it's more challenging than it sounds. Check it out here - 'Body Type : A key styling ingredient'. Too much work, right? We have a surprise for you towards the end. Just wait.


Now that we have covered how to shop for new clothes let's return to your wardrobe. Let's see what problems you could be facing there. Let's start with - an unorganized closet. Under-utilization of wardrobes is a sin, and a disorganized wardrobe is the most significant contributing factor to this sin. There is a reason you can't find the right pants when you need them, and you wonder, "what happened to that beautiful black jeans I bought last summer?" You have so many clothes at this point, so many 'new' clothes that you need to remember what you already own. Your stack keeps getting bigger by the day, but you can rarely find the right piece when you need one. Is there a solution to this? Yes!

Try segregating your clothes based on colors and then occasions. You would have a category of clothes that you would mostly only wear to your office while a completely different set of clothes for those lit weekend parties. Segregate them. That will solve half your problem; the other half will be solved if you keep them according to similar colors. The next time you wonder where that black blazer went, you know you only have to look for the black pile in your wardrobe, and voila! There it is.

You will love Hopnob for sure. Hopnob, your 24/7 AI styling buddy in your phone on whatsapp! You can ask Hopnob to recommend you outfits anytime for any occassion.

One last tip before we summarise your wardrobe guide. You may have a lot of old clothes which you've worn out or grown out of. Discard them. We'd recommend giving these to someone who needs them (Good deeds have a funny way of coming back around at unexpected times). And there you go, those are all the steps you need to build on your ideal wardrobe, which acts as a friend in need!


Remember we promised you a surprise? We won't disappoint! Here you go - Is it that hard to sort your fashion problems, and is it essential to remember all these steps? Sadly, it was up until this point. But we have automated all the above steps in our incredible application service known as 'Hopnob.' Make your life easier. Sign up today and never think about your fashion problems ever again. Click to join!

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